Surgeon Actions: Now Taking Orders

Are you looking for the best action on the market for your custom rifle? Surgeon is now taking orders on 591 short actions, 1086 long actions, and 1581 XL actions!

And here is some more great news: Surgeon is maintaining 2012 pricing! But with 250 actions available
for the remainder of 2014, there is a very limited supply. These actions will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis, and you should expect a 60 day turnaround shipped to your door. Call 405-567-0183 or email to reserve your action today!


591 Short Action

591 BDL Style Short Action

The Best action available for your short action tactical rifle.

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1086 Long Action

1086 BDL Style Long Action

Looking to build a long action tactical or target rifle, if so the 1086 is the right action for you.

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1581 XL Action

1581 XL Action

If you are looking to build a large caliber Target rifle the XL Single Shot is the right choice for you!

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About Surgeon Actions

All Surgeon Actions start from a single piece of 4140 chrome moly and are machined to their final dimension, in the hardened state to ensure a consistent and accurate part.

After finish machining the outside dimensions of each action they are then ready for the wire EDM. We use the wire EDM to cut the bolt bore and race ways in all our actions, there are other ways to do this but none offer the same level of accuracy or consistency you get from the EDM process.

The actions then go back to the mills for completion, once all of the above is complete the actions are engraved and sent
to final inspection.

All Surgeon bolts start as a solid 4140 forging, the forging is then roughed machined and sent out to be heat treated.Once the bolts come back from heat treatment they are then finished machined.

After all machining is complete they are sent out to be ion nitrided (case hardened) when the bolts return they go through our last process and are sent to final inspection.