• Surgeon Action Wrench
  • Surgeon Action Wrench

Surgeon Action Wrench

Currently Unavailable
  • $65.00


2nd Generation
The Surgeon Action Wrench was engineered to be simple, but very effective.
It replaces the old t-handle style action wrenches.
The Surgeon wrench allows the user to torque the action as close to the threads as possible, therefore, decreasing the possibility of twisting or bowing the action.
The Surgeon Action Wrench can be used with any ½" drive ratchet or torque wrench.
Rated to a maximum torque of 100 ft/lbs.


Do not attempt to use a 1st generation Surgeon Action Wrench
on a Surgeon action with the new anti-bind rail in the right side raceway!!!!!
Only use the 2nd generation action wrench with the Roman numeral II like the one pictured here.
You can send in your old wrench and we will modify it to work at no charge, only the cost of shipping.