Rating on a scale 1-10? An honest 11!!!

Rifle performance exceeds expectations. After break in and short load development (one 25 shot ladder) and sight in: 394/400 @ first F-class match. Rifle shoots 1.5 " groups consistently @ 300y. And I'm sure there is room for the gun, probably not for me.


- Hubert

I've been so busy that I haven't been able to shoot as much as I would like. But I have played with a few different loads and this rifle hammers! I love it. I've received so many compliments at the range with it. It is such a joy to shoot. Just wanted to say thanks again for building me such a fine rifle. Thanks Surgeon!

- Chris Thomason


Got the rifle safe and sound! Such a beautiful build. Surgeon is awesome.

- Christopher Stevens

"I purchased a Scalpel .308 rifle several months ago. I finally got an opportunity to shoot it over the weekend with the nice weather. I installed a Nightforce scope on it with Nightforce rings.

What a rifle! Absolute pleasure to shoot. I've ben shooting using the break-in procedure. Unfortunately, I had 15-20 winds to deal with, but what a grouping!

Thanks for building such a quality rifle."

- Andy

"Just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to acquire the 7WSM Scalpel that you built at the end of December. I wasted no time breaking in the barrel and worked up a load using RL17 and the 180 VLDs that I could not be happier with. The rifle is everything that I expected and so very much more. It makes shooting one hole and small groups much easier. What can I say, the rifle makes me look good as far as shooting goes. I love this rifle!

Thank you all for engineering and building such outstanding components and rifles. I also wanted to say that even as busy as you are, it was very pleasant communicating with you and a pleasure doing business with SURGEON RIFLES. Thanks again."

- Jack P. VanVianen

"I am currently deployed to Afghanistan. This is my fourth combat deployment. I recently had the distinct pleasure of shooting one of your fine rifles. Simply stated, this was the FINEST rifle I have ever shot in my 12 years of Military Experience and it left me wanting more. I would like to thank you for your support of our great Nation's Military and thank you for taking the time to produce such an amazing product. It has no doubt saved lives in the hands of some of our designated marksmen. Shoot straight and keep your powder dry!"

- Respectfully,

   Staff Sergeant Russell

"Surgeon rifles are designed to do one thing...to make mission. That end state is accomplished by combining incredible accuracy and unparalleled reliability. Characteristics like these allow the Tactical Operator an essential tool to deal with a dynamic, high-stress environment where inconsistency will eventually lead to failure. By using innovative design and manufacturing techniques, Surgeon Rifles has eliminated weapon error that, with other weapon systems, was always thought to be shooter error and we were none the wiser. Our snipers, who were thought to be 1 MOA shooters, turned into ½ to a ¼ MOA shooters with a Scalpel or Remedy in their hands. In high stress environments, there is a necessity to negate as many variables that can effect mission accomplishment as possible. Our operators and planners can take greater tactical risks when Surgeon rifles are employed due to the confidence that these systems have inspired.

The rifle itself is remarkable to a trained eye. But more important than the aesthetics is the thought and detail that was put into the weapons design. Old ideas were expanded upon and inherent problems were corrected. That being said, tolerances that were thought to be inherent to the weapon are now gone, resulting in accuracy at range.

Operators in the community will tell you that the enemy always has a vote...I will tell you that if a Surgeon is dialed in on that enemy- his vote doesn't matter."

- Special Forces Sniper

"To Kay and the rest of Surgeon Rifles,

What a beautiful rifle! I got my scalpel today, as promised, and was blown away by the attention to detail and the amount of work done to this one rifle. Worth every penny! This stock is amazing! The color scheme is great! Thank you for a wonderful rifle, it makes the best birthday present I've received! Very nice work indeed. You will have my business again soon."

- Adam Lawson

"I pretty much just bolted on a used scope to test fire your XL in .338 Lapua. I bore sighted it, fired the first shot and had to walk downrange because it was centered in the black dot I was using for an aiming point. The first three rounds went into .380 edge to edge. After 3 shots in the same hole, I just came back into the shop since it’s about 20 degrees out. I’ll let you know how it works out at range. I’m not sure there’s a lot of room for improvement at the moment!"

- Cory Trapp
   Gunsight Academy, Inc.

"The reasons I ordered a surgeon action were: integral recoil lug, integral scope rail with 20MOA built in, tight fitting bolt, tactical bolt knob, and it`s made of 4340 steel. After I received my new surgeon target action, I set it up on a Brown & Sharpe model #765 microcell CMM coordinate measuring machine. I set the action up vertical with the recoil lug on table; perpendicularity and concentricity ran within .0003 (3/10,000) of an inch - benchrest quality tolerances. I would not hesitate to buy another. Thank you for a fine American made product!"

- Bill Larson

"KMW has been extremely pleased with the performance of our rifles built on the Surgeon actions. The quality, design, and pricing are such that I intend to make this action a mainstay in our tactical rifle offerings."

- Terry Cross
   KMW Long Range Solutions

"In my six years as a sniper on Oklahoma City Police Department's Tactical Unit, I have had the opportunity to test and evaluate several top of the line sniper systems. The system recently adopted by our team is, in my opinion, far superior to any I have shot or seen in action. All ten were built by Terry Cross, owner of KMW. The system boast a 26 inch Krieger barrel, McMillan A5 stock, Leupold 4.5 x 14 x 50 mark 4 scope, on a Surgeon Tactical action.

The action in and of itself is a cut above. It has an oversized tactical knob which is great for cold fingers and gloves. It has an integral picatinny rail with a built in 20 MOA and a recoil lug that are all machined from the same piece of hardened aircraft steel as the action. These factors in themselves lend this action more accuracy and reliability, not to mention the over all extra precision put into building the bolt and action by the Surgeon team. They have taken the tried and true Remington 700 model, eliminated its weaknesses, and beefed it up into the best action on the market today, and its performance shows."

- SSGT. Mike Pribble
  OCPD Tactical Unit

"Just a short note to let you know how the rifle is working out. I’ve been running 155 scenars at 2980 fps. The rifle is topped with a 5-25x Schmidt & Bender PM2 (Metric clicks). To date I’ve taken 96 coyotes with it. 16 of those have been over 500 meters. The longest shot so far is 1120 meters. Last week I shot an amazing 5 shot group at 750 meters that went just under 2.5 inches.

Thanks for building me the ‘perfect’ rifle."

- Pat Sinclair
   Federal trapper
   USDA-Wildlife Services
   Glasgow, Mt.

"The truth is, my Surgeon repeater action is one of the most refined and robust actions I've ever used for any rifle that is meant to be used and abused in the field. For the immediate future, I don't see any reason not to build all my rifles on a Surgeon action."

- Alex Tham

"I have owned several precision bolt guns over the past five years. Two of them were from well know bolt-gunsmiths. I wish I knew then what I know now about Surgeon rifles. It would have saved me a lot of money. My Surgeon built rifle is by far the most accurate rifle I've ever owned. The thread job done for my suppressor was also the best fit I've ever had. After a full day at the range it didn't loosen once. With my previous two rifles that were threaded for this same suppressor I was always having to check it and re-tighten it. Thanks for making the best rifles and rifle actions on the planet!"

- Josh Landers