I am a former Scout Sniper in the Marines that has been shooting a Surgeon Scalpel for about 2 years now in 6.5 Creedmoor. Our service sniper rifles work as intended but I didn't realize that the civilian market could produce a noticeably superior product. Surgeon Rifles leads that race head and shoulders and I am hooked for life. It does what I need it to every single time. Consistency is accuracy. Everytime I hit the range it feels like cheating and I find myself talking about my gun to curious range enthusiasts more than shooting it. 



Matthew Fuentes-Tanuz


Been shooting my Surgeon Scalpel for a better part of 4 years now and love it the more and more I shoot it. I have shot a couple matches with it and placed topped ten both times. It sits on an Accuracy International AX chassis and I’m using a Leupold Optics Mark5 HD scope with H59 reticle. LOVE MY RIFLE 


Amir B.